2019 YBI nominations now open

Please fill out this form to nominate a Black Influencer from the Omaha Black community. To be considered, this person must be a member of the Omaha Black community; fall in the age ranges below; and must have done work in one of the award categories that specifically impacts the Omaha Black community.

There will be one recipient from each category within in each age group. Recipients will be notified by end of March if they were selected. The awards celebration is June 30th from 2-4:30 at MCC Fort Campus.

Age Categories: 12-19 years old | 20s | 30s | 40s

Award Categories:

ADVOCACY: Dedicating time and/or resources to better the Omaha Black community. This can include but is not limited to volunteering, serving on a nonprofit board(s), or advocating for systemic change through policy.

CREATIVITY: Using art, in any or all of its forms, to create positive change and advance the Omaha Black community.

INNOVATION: Creating a new space, project or business, that helps the Omaha Black community be forward thinking and creative.

Nominations are open January 1- February 15. If you have any questions, please email ybiomaha@gmail.com.


Upcoming Events

Influencers Building Series | Black Led Social Change

The Black community needs to build the necessary institutional and political power in order to make Black lives matter and for the Black community to thrive in this country. This comes through strengthening and building a wide array of powerful Black-led social change organizations that are well resourced, connected and in partnership with allied organizations.

Join us and facilitator Shelley Henderson, as we discuss what Black led social change can be in Omaha.



Maurice Jones | Youth - Activism 

Tierra Conyers | Youth- Activism 

Alisha Davis | 20s - Innovation 

Taylor Moriah- Givens | 20s- Service

Dominique Morgan | 30s - Activism

Precious McKesson | 30s- Service

Errik Ejike | 30s - Service

Racquel Henderson | 30s - Service

Elizabeth Ajongo - 40s -  Service

William Dortch | 40s - Innovation 

Young Black & INfluential Omaha


Exists to affirm and elevate Black Influencers of all definitions in the Omaha community.

Affirm | Build | Connect

Affirm: uplift and acknowledge Black leadership at all levels.

Build: provide opportunities and learning for leadership evolution.

Connect: create intentional spaces for Black influencers to create stronger relationships. 

Meet the 2018 Recipients

Left to Right: Katrina Adams 30s | Service; Chetekia Morris 40s | Service; Dahlia LLoyd 30s | Activism; A'Mariyon Green Youth | Service; Richard Webb 20s | Service; Mike Hughes 30s | Service; Danielle Powell 20s | Service; Tommy Young-Dennis 30s | Service; Ravan Charles 30s | Innovation