Young Black & INfluential Omaha

Our Purpose

Young Black & Influential (YBI) Omaha is an awards event and leadership movement born from a vision that Ashlei Spivey had on affirming and defining the shades of Black Leadership. She was frustrated with the narratives around leadership, particularly Black leadership in Omaha, NE and knew there were dope  Black leaders who were doing the work, but never acknowledged because they didn’t fit into this “box” of what a leader of color should be. 

This movement acknowledges and affirms these leaders in the Omaha Black community; people that are on the ground-doing the work day in and day out.  


Meet the 2018 influencers

Left to Right: Katrina Adams 30s | Service; Chetekia Morris 40s | Service; Dahlia LLoyd 30s | Activism; A'Mariyon Green Youth | Service; Richard Webb 20s | Service; Mike Hughes 30s | Service; Danielle Powell 20s | Service; Tommy Young-Dennis 30s | Service; Ravan Charles 30s | Innovation

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.
— President Obama

ybi recipient Classes


Maurice Jones | Youth - Activism 

Tierra Conyers | Youth- Activism 

Alisha Davis | 20s - Innovation 

Taylor Moriah- Givens | 20s- Service

Dominique Morgan | 30s - Activism

Precious McKesson | 30s- Service

Errik Ejike | 30s - Service

Racquel Henderson | 30s - Service

Elizabeth Ajongo - 40s -  Service

William Dortch | 40s - Innovation 


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