Ay Spivey

Ay Spivey facilitates conversations and action planning for organizations,
communities and individuals around inclusion, equity and power frameworks.

equity. Action. liberation.



Ay has spent her career working in various nonprofit sector roles including workforce development, college access and organizational development. She has a passion for helping her community and challenging injustice.

Ay Spivey launched her brand in response to opportunities in the community around decentralizing power. There is a fundamental need to be intentional and purposeful about equity and power; and how those two principals combined intersect and influence individual behavior, collective groups & social systems.


Upcoming Events

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Ay is available for Keynote speaking engagements as well as leading and facilitating break out sessions and/or conferences. 



This service is provided to organizations and individuals on topics like bias, privilege, systems of inequity, racism, power, etc. Each workshop is tailored to the specific goal of the group/person and where they are in their liberation journey and where they want to be. 



This service is for organizations that want to build equitable practices into their people systems including talent recruitment and retention and culture development. 

Without community,
there is no liberation
— Audre Lorde